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Wire Size

AWG Wire Size and Breaker Size are dependent upon one another. Wires in the USA are generally rated upon the American Wire Gauge (AWG) scale or other variations, including Stranded Wire Gauge (SWG). Wires are rated for the maximum safe load of pow...
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Check Valves

Check valves in plumbing systems are a type of one-way controller. They permit water to travel only in the direction the user intends. There are many kinds of check valves. These valves can be applied to a broad range of applications, but are gene...
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AFCI or Arc Fault Circuit Interruption is a protection device for electrical circuits which is designed for use in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, and just about anywhere not protected by a GFCI inside your home. In fact, there are devices which pr...
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Cartridge Valves

Cartridge Valves are one style of control mechanism at faucets such as your sink and tub. In the past, the primary way to adjust the volume and temperature of water was to turn your hot valve open a percentage and turn your cold valve open a perce...
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Breaker Main Shut Off

Main Breaker Panel Shut Off is a wonderful thing to know for the safety of your home. While a light switch may disconnect power to a light or several lights – there is still power in the circuit up until the light switch. Theoretically, with po...
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MERV Ratings

MERV ratings are a way to identify the effectiveness of an air filter. It stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Essentially, it is a scale for consumers to identify what size of airborne particles will be captured by filter media. MERV ra...
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Bathroom Fan Timer

Bathroom fan timer extends the benefits of your bathroom fan. Actually, I would consider it almost a requirement to get any true benefit from your bathroom fan. There are many types of fan timers, some are analog and must be wound up then slowly coun...
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Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings have many purposes and options. Buildings begin with a subfloor, which is the structural portion carrying the load of occupants and furniture. The floor covering (often simply referred to as the floor) is whatever finish work is suita...
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Energy Recovery Ventilator

Energy Recovery Ventilators work in much the same way as heat recovery ventilators (HRV). Warm air exits the home through a special ductwork and box. Cool outdoor air is brought in through another duct instead of gaps and cracks in the building. Duct...
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Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilators are special equipment that is designed to save energy. Homes require a specific range of temperature and humidity for occupant comfort and building health. Historically, homes were not well sealed, so drafty air movement...
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