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Welcome to the Buyer's Inspection!

The buyer’s inspection process starts as soon as an offer is accepted with a fully signed purchase and sale agreement that includes an inspection contingency. The buyer or buyer’s agent will schedule a home inspection, sewer scope, rad...
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Standards of Practice

What are Standards of Practice (SOP) and why do we talk about them so much? Washington State's has Standards of Practice for home inspectors that guide our actions through the inspection process. It is part of our licensing process - we agree...
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Attic Care

Learn some basics of your attic, what those components are designed for, and how you can best care for your attic. Attics are dangerous places. They are confined with difficult egress if an emergency would occur, they are accessed with ladders whi...
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Now that you have your inspection report

Let's review the modern features of your Top Notch report to get the most out of your inspection! We create modern, content rich, and interactive reports that will make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible. When you op...
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INW Inspector Chapter Leaders

When we first became inspectors, we joined the largest trade organization of inspectors in the US, InterNACHI. They are the biggest network of highly qualified and Certified Professional Inspectors and matched up with our “Top Notch” busi...
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The Solar Powered Inspector

Admittedly, there are a lot of issues that could be improved in the world. I am proud to see how much we have become aware of our impact on the environment during my lifetime. Moreover, I am thrilled that many people entering the workforce and leader...
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Agent Resources

Welcome Realtors, brokers, and agents! We appreciate all the work you put into serving your clients, and thank you for your trust in recommending us! Travis and I invest in some wonderful resources to share with you at our expense. We know you are...
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Baseline Inspection

Welcome to Baseline Inspection (a service package of Top Notch Inspection Services llc)! Home inspections are very important to understand the core components of your new house purchase - but they are not accessible to everyone. With housing price...
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Fire Separation Walls

Attached garages make life simple. They protect your car from extreme sun, snow, leafs, and other elements. You can park and bring groceries directly into your house. Storage is easy and secure. But there are potential drawbacks to parking and storin...
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Soft Close Cabinets

Soft close cabinet doors and drawers are a far too often overlooked and underappreciated upgrade to homes. These little, inexpensive improvements can subtly make your kitchen feel more luxurious without leaving a trace of their existence. Traditio...
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