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Outside Freezer Won't Freeze

Fridge/Freezer Outside or in a garage doesn’t work well in winter? If you are like me, you have a fridge/freezer combo in your garage. Garages that are not heated in the winter may lead to a freezer not completely freezing food. This is because...
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Fire Separation Walls

Attached garages make life simple. They protect your car from extreme sun, snow, leafs, and other elements. You can park and bring groceries directly into your house. Storage is easy and secure. But there are potential drawbacks to parking and storin...
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Outbuildings are those extra structures that are not attached to the primary residence, and are often not habitable. This includes garden sheds, carports, detached garages, greenhouses, cabins, guest houses, hobby workshops, gazebos, and other periph...
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All The Right Places

When we inspect your home, we make every effort to access all the difficult places to get you as much information about your new home as possible. We plan to traverse every roof we can, enter any attic possible, and crawl into every crawl space. Safe...
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