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ACCA, or the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, is a code regulation designed by HVAC (Heat Vent Air Conditioning) specialists for use by contractors who build structures. As an early reminder, we are not HVAC specialists, and we are not code i...
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R-Value Insulation

R Value (insulation) – insulation is rated by its R Value, or its resistance value. This is the number that represents how much the product resists heat transference. The higher the r value, the better it resists heat transfer. This means insul...
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Mold – mold is a broad term for living organisms that are categorized as fungi. In biology, there are six major kingdoms. We are most familiar with: the kingdom of animals which ingest food for energy (cats, zebras, humans, etc.); the kingdom o...
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Sealed Homes

Sealed homes – in the past few decades, builders and homeowners have become aware of energy loss in buildings. We have worked to seal homes to prevent drafts and ultimately energy loss. This is of course a good thing for our energy bills and th...
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ASHRAE or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is a national professional association for HVAC and refrigeration specialists. They advocate for the best quality work, knowledge, and application of technology t...
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Services We Offer

Why do home inspectors offer so many services? Isn't a home inspection just a home inspection? In some sense, that is true. But the application of an inspection can vary greatly based on the needs of the client. What type of home and what we look...
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Fire Separation Walls

Attached garages make life simple. They protect your car from extreme sun, snow, leafs, and other elements. You can park and bring groceries directly into your house. Storage is easy and secure. But there are potential drawbacks to parking and storin...
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Attic Care

Learn some basics of your attic, what those components are designed for, and how you can best care for your attic. Attics are dangerous places. They are confined with difficult egress if an emergency would occur, they are accessed with ladders whi...
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Welcome to the Buyer's Inspection!

The buyer’s inspection process starts as soon as an offer is accepted with a fully signed purchase and sale agreement that includes an inspection contingency. The buyer or buyer’s agent will schedule a home inspection, sewer scope, rad...
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Smart Homes

Smart homes integrate many small tasks and appliances to eliminate the minutia of everyday tasks around the home and make your life more efficient. While a smart home, or at least systems with smart technology, can take an initial investment of time...
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