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Mold – mold is a broad term for living organisms that are categorized as fungi. In biology, there are six major kingdoms. We are most familiar with: the kingdom of animals which ingest food for energy (cats, zebras, humans, etc.); the kingdom o...
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Sealed Homes

Sealed homes – in the past few decades, builders and homeowners have become aware of energy loss in buildings. We have worked to seal homes to prevent drafts and ultimately energy loss. This is of course a good thing for our energy bills and th...
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Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings have many purposes and options. Buildings begin with a subfloor, which is the structural portion carrying the load of occupants and furniture. The floor covering (often simply referred to as the floor) is whatever finish work is suita...
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Barometric Dampers

A barometric damper is similar to a backdraft damper in operation, but serves a different purpose. While backdraft dampers prevent outside air from leaking in through kitchen or bath exhaust fans – the barometric damper helps with furnace or bo...
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Backwater Valves

Backwater valves are a plumbing device that prevent waste water from backing up into homes. Clogs and backup can still occur from problems inside the home itself, because these devices are intended to protect against outside problems. All houses o...
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Drain Pan & Pad

Water heater drain pan and water heater pad are two helpful features that may be required depending on where you live. Even if they are not required, they serve a useful purpose. A drain pan is a simple catch basin for any water that may leak out...
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Structural Support Members

There are many ways to build a house, but they all use some kind of structural support members to carry the weight of the home and its contents. A few of those structural members may appear quite similar, but are often referred to by different names....
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All The Right Places

When we inspect your home, we make every effort to access all the difficult places to get you as much information about your new home as possible. We plan to traverse every roof we can, enter any attic possible, and crawl into every crawl space. Safe...
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