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Thermal Expansion Tanks

Water heater thermal expansion tanks are safety devices that reduce the stress on your home’s piping system. Because water expands significantly as it heats up, it creates pressure on the water heater tank as well as all connected piping. That...
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Drain Pan & Pad

Water heater drain pan and water heater pad are two helpful features that may be required depending on where you live. Even if they are not required, they serve a useful purpose. A drain pan is a simple catch basin for any water that may leak out...
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TPR Valves

TPR Valves (temperature and pressure relief valves) are a safety device to protect homes and occupants. It has been said that water heaters are the most dangerous appliance in homes. Because water expands as it heats up, enormous pressure is exerted...
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Backwater Valves

Backwater valves are a plumbing device that prevent waste water from backing up into homes. Clogs and backup can still occur from problems inside the home itself, because these devices are intended to protect against outside problems. All houses o...
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Three-way Switches

Three-way switches are a deceptively simple modification to standard residential light switches. They are required in certain locations such as stairways as a safety measure that lets you illuminate the area without having to ascend or descend in dar...
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