Standards of Practice

What are Standards of Practice (SOP) and why do we talk about them so much?

Washington State's has Standards of Practice for home inspectors that guide our actions through the inspection process. It is part of our licensing process - we agree to follow those standards to the best of our ability. They prescribe what should take place and set expectations for clients. It means that everybody should be on the same page and know what, in general, to expect will be inspected and what will not be inspected. Of course, because every home is different and safety always wins out - there will be times when, for example, we cannot walk the roof due to safety or other restrictive factors. This will be noted in the report with the reason for the deviation, and is fully compliant with the standards of practice - because it is agreed that safety is top priority.

This is pretty standard, so why do we talk about the SOP this much? Well, it's not as standard as you might think. For example, in Idaho there is no licensing requirement, no competency test, no definition of what should be inspected. So if you ask me what your home inspector in a state such as Idaho will perform - my answer is: "Who knows. It may even change from day to day with the same inspector, and you would have no recourse". That's why so many Idaho agents will recommend us - we follow our standards where there are none. The consistency of a set of standards is huge for homeowners, buyers, sellers, agents, and everyone in between. That is why we are so proud to have: passed a national competency/skill test, passed a state competency/skill test, licensing, insurance, extra certification, optional bonding, and standards to be compliant with! We also started a chapter of inspectors for the inland northwest to advocate for honorable real estate transactions! You deserve quality, consistency, and a Top Notch Inspector!

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Too Long, Didn't Read Version: Standards of Practice are essentially the home inspection bible! It guides our process, protects clients, and ensures consistent, quality inspections. We are proud to be licensed in a state with standards and encourage neighboring communities to work with a licensed inspector for their own protection.

-Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP

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Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
Author: Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
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