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Why do home inspectors offer so many services? Isn't a home inspection just a home inspection? In some sense, that is true. But the application of an inspection can vary greatly based on the needs of the client. What type of home and what we look for can vary greatly. Here is a brief synopsis of some of those services we offer!

A standard home inspection will review the entire home, review all systems and components, and include a written report. We follow the strict standards of practice as defined by Washington State. Most clients who hire us for a standard home inspection have made an offer on a house and will contract us to seek out defects during their due diligence period prior to closing on the home. It can help them with negotiations for repairs or simply identify what maintenance should be budgeted for in the future. Applications of a standard home inspection include residential site-built homes, manufactured homes, condos, cabins, and more.

Pre-Listing inspections are designed for homeowners who are preparing to sell. We will inspect the major components and report on material defects. We will not report on minor or cosmetic issues that will not affect a home sale and that the buyer would identify during their inspection to address during their homeownership. The seller has a chance to fix defects on their schedule, instead of being rushed to find a contractor during a 30-day timeline. The pre-listing inspection will make real estate transactions smooth for everyone involved!

Builder's Warranty inspections (aka 11-month warranty inspections) allow owners of a new home to have repairs made under the warranty their builder may offer. Typically, new homes have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and any defects we uncover will be corrected at the builder's expense - so you want to have this completed just prior to the end of the warranty. It gives you a chance to use every component for a significant amount of time. We will look for problems that are beginning to appear and write a report you can use to ask for corrections. Some builders may have restrictions or different warranty periods - so read your contract to be sure.

New construction inspections allow us to view those items not normally visible. By inspecting prior to drywall, cabinets, and other materials that would hide plumbing, electrical, and structural components - we identify more than a standard home inspection. It's much easier and less expensive to make repairs while contractors are still working than to demolish areas and start over.

Pre-Offer Consultations cover most of the same items as a standard home inspection, and costs less. The difference is that we will join you on your walkthrough prior to making an offer on a home and verbally identify what we find. This helps you identify whether you want to make an offer or not. It is especially helpful in a tight real estate market like we are in today, where buyers have to be very competitive. We do not write a report, and we do not bring tools - because you have not gotten permission for that type of inspection that is normally covered in a purchase and sale agreement. As such, we do not get into attics, onto roofs, or into crawl spaces. A consultation is 30-40 minutes, while a true inspection is 3-4 hours. For that reason, we do not recommend skipping the standard home inspection, which uncovers more. However, if you hire us for a pre-offer consultation - we will apply 50% of the consultation cost toward your home inspection.

Post-Purchase inspection is something that we have developed to help those buyers who felt compelled to skip the standard home inspection to stay competitive in today's tight real estate market. It is a full, standard home inspection, using all our tools, with a written report. The primary difference is that the report is not designed for negotiations, but as a checklist. This allows the homeowner to prioritize major repairs and budget for the expense of maintenance. For those who hired us to perform a pre-offer consultation - we will apply 50% of the consultation cost toward your home inspection.

Home maintenance inspections detail all the systems and components of your home that you want us to inspect. We make recommendations for repairs and help you get in touch with the right professionals that you need, while avoiding those which you do not need. Use this as a checklist for ongoing maintenance of your home. Especially important if you have been in the home for a few years - we tend to look past items we see daily, so hire a Top Notch inspector with a fresh pair of eyes and a trained perspective to identify what you should focus on repairing first.

Too Long, Didn't Read Version: We offer many inspection services that are designed for different needs. They all identify defects in a home to different degrees, so be sure to pick the one that fits your needs!

-Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP

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Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
Author: Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
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