Now that you have your inspection report

Let's review the modern features of your Top Notch report to get the most out of your inspection!

We create modern, content rich, and interactive reports that will make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

When you open your inspection report link, you will arrive at your custom portal with all the information about the property. The sample report in this video was created with generic information, yours will be specific to your inspection - listing the address, date, and pertinent information.

You can navigate between sections on the left side: important information about the home, standards of practice, reminders from the pre-inspection agreement, and information on links that provide even more resources when we feel it will help you and your agent.

The first thing I recommend to all clients is to create a report PDF to save on your computer for easy access, or you can choose only the summary pages. An amazing feature that few inspectors offer is the option to create a request list. If you are buying a home and wish to negotiate for repairs or adjustments based on what we uncovered in your inspection - this is the tool for you. It keeps you in the driver seat because you are not tipping your hand to the seller about the full report details, it is compliant with disclosure laws, and will put you into a stronger negotiating position with full observations and photos. We will come back to this at the end.

Next is the summary. It is important to understand this is not the full inspection, only the highlights that most buyers consider high priority. There may be more or less tabs to select from based on what was discovered in the home. It is a quick way to get a feel for what to pay attention to in the full report.

Then we get into the full inspection report. It includes facts, findings, recommendations, photos, and all details we observed and deemed significant. Of course, your house may have more or less categories.

Then comes ancillary services. Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho have elevated radon levels higher than the national average, and radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking - so we always recommend measuring radon levels in the home. Sewer scope photos and video would be included if you chose that service. We always recommend adding it on because those repairs range from $8000 to tens of thousands of dollars - so it's best to address problems before you are financially responsible.

Finally, let's take a look at the request list. I'm just going to say this client is concerned about the roof and nothing else. We will pick those areas of concern, scroll down to finalize the report, and then get that sent over to our real estate agent for the purposes of negotiating. They are going to love this feature, it makes their job helping you so much easier!

When you get into your home and feel caught up on repairs, don't forget, we offer annual home maintenance checkups to keep an eye on aging appliances and offer suggestions for efficiency as more modern solutions become available.

Thank you for trusting Top Notch Inspection Services, thank you for watching this video, we hope you can set aside a few minutes to share a review about your inspection because we thrive on testimonials instead of bogging strangers down in advertisements. Reviews are a huge help to small businesses like us and are so meaningful to us.

Thanks again, and we wish you luck with your real estate transaction!

Too long, didn’t read version: Use your modern home inspection report like a pro. Navigate individual sections, save your PDF copy, and create a request list for negotiations that will make your real estate agen'ts job much easier to work for you! Check out the video to see a live sample report from your Top Notch Inspectors!

-Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP

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