ASHRAE or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers is a national professional association for HVAC and refrigeration specialists. They advocate for the best quality work, knowledge, and application of technology to improve our everyday lives. They research, write standards and definitions, and work toward the most sustainable use of materials for comfort and safety.

While it might seem minor on a nice spring day – their field protects those of us living in regions with extreme environments, the elderly or infants who cannot withstand fatiguing heat or freezing cold, and even help us keep our food out of the temperature danger zone, so we can feel at ease that bacteria growth is limited instead of having to maintain our food at room temperatures. While they are not a governing body, their knowledge leads to and influences the standards that HVAC technicians would use when designing a system to work best in each unique home (along with other organizations with similar goals).

Thanks to this, we can rest assured that a properly trained HVAC system designer will help us to use the least resources to install and operate our heating and cooling equipment.

Too long, didn’t read version: ASHRAE would not come up in normal household conversation, but any time you operate a furnace or air cooler – their collective knowledge contributed to the best methods to install that system.

-Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP

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Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
Author: Marshall Tramp, CPI, RMP
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